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Prepress UK bring you over 60 person-years of experience in the printing industry developing, supply, installing, training, calibrating and improving print workflows and production systems. We have worked directly for most of the vendors who's systems we re-sell giving us unrivaled product knowledge. When you buy from Prepress UK you're not just buying a product, you're gaining access to our support and expertise to improve your entire production system with modern, proven techniques and configurations. We're not a vendor who's knowledge stops at the brochure or a theoretical understanding of the software, we actually understand print, we understand putting ink on paper and carry that knowledge up through all aspects of our customer's workflows and prepress systems to improve efficiency and flexibility so you can produce more print with less waste.

We supply a range of prepress workflow solutions including StudioRIP and Xitron Navigator Harlequin RIP based systems, as well as building custom solutions for our customers utilising best-in-class applications such as Enfocus PitStop Server and Dynagram Imposition. We supply digital colour managed proofing systems as well as CtF and CtP interfaces and output software. We also provide consultancy services, ICC profile creation and help printing companies output to industry standards based on ISO 12647-2.

Prepress UK are the creators of the powerful PressProfiler system allowing direct integration of pre-press and press by directly providing "CIP3" or ink key presetting data to your press for a fraction of the cost of manufacturer supplied system, and the affordable PressReporter system for automated statistics collection from Heidelberg printing presses providing you with the data you need to make informed business decisions.

Prepress UK is a trading partnership of Chapman Solutions Ltd and Aldridge Solutions Ltd.


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