Raster Blaster Pro TIFF Shooter CTP Interfaces

Raster Blaster Pro is a powerful modern TIFF shooter allowing you to connect any workflow or RIP to any CTP device. Raster Blaster is developed by Xitron, a company dedicated to developing open prepress software and hardware solutions for over 40 years. TIFF Shooters or TIFF Catchers, as they are generically known, provide an open interface for outputting plates from any workflow system to almost any imagesetter or CTP (platesetter) device allowing you to build flexible workflow solutions that work for you and freeing you from lock in to a single vendor.

Raster Blaster combines with Xitron's industry leading USB blue box interfaces to output separations to all the popular output devices from any RIP or workflow that can produce 1-bit TIFF files including Xitron Navigator RIP and workflow systems.


  • Connect any vendor's workflow to any CTP, now you can choose your favourite CTP and your favourite workflow even if they're not from the same vendor. Xitron Raster Blaster bridges the gap between systems.
  • Create flexible high performance systems. Using Raster Blaster output systems to multiple output devices allows simultaneous plate making on all devices, one RIP or workflow can feed multiple plate makers in parallel.
  • Modern interface allows remote control of plate output from any web browser, prioritise a rush plate without leaving your desk.


  • Full Control from Web Browser
  • Job Re-Ordering (with one click "Schedule next")
  • Hold and Approve
  • One Click Reprint
  • Touch Screen Compatible (touch screen not included)
  • Separation Grouping
  • Composite and Separation Preview
  • Plate Barcoding with Quick Remake
  • Plate Output Logs


Plate preview window


Xitron Raster Blaster Pro can act as a TIFF catcher and output system for any workflow or RIP capable of producing 1-bit TIFF files including Heidelberg Prinect, Agfa Apogee, Kodak Prinergy, Screen Equios, Heidelberg MetaDimensions, Screen Trueflow, Fuji XMF, StudioRIP, Navigator and all brands of Harlequin RIP to this huge list of output devices. Running on the latest hardware and software Raster Blaster Pro provides maximum performance, security and longevity for your business critical production workflow.

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Prepress UK are in a unique position with over 60 person-years of experiance in the printing industry developing, supply, installing, training, calibrating and improving print workflows and production systems. We have worked directly for most of the vendors who's systems we re-sell giving us unrivaled product knowledge. When you buy from Prepress UK you're not just buying a product, you're gaining access to our support and expertise to improve your entire production system with modern, proven techniques and configurations. We're not a vendor who's knowledge stops at the brochure or a theoretical understanding of the software, we actually understand print, we understand putting ink on paper and carry that knowledge up through all aspects of our customer's workflows and prepress systems to improve efficiency and flexibility so you can produce more print with less waste.

We supply all our systems on high-end custom built hardware using latest generation Intel Core processors and Windows 10 Pro with optional redundant disk drives to ensure you stay in production. They come with 12 months on-site warranty (UK only) and an additional 12 months parts only warranty.

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