Navigator Harlequin PDF Workflow

Navigator GPS and Navigator Elite PDF Workflows are an efficient solution for printers who are looking for a dependable RIP combined with the ability to control and preview jobs from other desktops on the network. Based on Harlequin RIP Server technology, Navigator workflow is easy-to-use, powerful, and compatible with hundreds of output devices.

With the power of the Navigator Harlequin RIP at it's heart for accurate native interpretation and rendering of PostScript, PDF and even XPS files Navigator Workflows are reliable, productive and affordable.


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The intuitive Navigator Client interface allows multiple operators to manage their work from any Windows or Macintosh workstation on the network, while the Navigator Workflow Server directs output production through up to five RIPs.

Drag and drop functionality, in addition to traditional job submission methods, make the Navigator GPS workflow very simple to use. Navigator GPS is modular and expandable, providing a PDF option that includes PDF creation, preflight controls, and the ability to incorporate Certified PDF™.


Fully zoomable on-screen preview of actual high-res RIPed data at your workstation allowing you to check the job in detail before committing to making plates or other final output.

View individual separations, use on screen measuring tools, adjust preview colour of spot inks, pan and zoom using the navigator window and more.



Zoom in to see high detail of screen or traps, here we've zoomed into our trapping test and enabled the "Trap Black" function of the previewer so we can see through the black to check if it's trapping, knocking out or over-printing.

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