Prepress UK First PressProfiler in Australia

Prepress UK, the pre-press specialists based in Brighton, has sold and installed its first PressProfiler product to a printing company in Australia. Southport Printing Co. in Queensland have purchased the ink key pre-setting system for a Heidelberg SM52.

PressProfiler integrates with the printers new Screen Equios workflow without the need for them to purchase the Equios CIP3 option, saving the company even more money than the already competitively priced Prepress UK product when compared to Heidelberg's offering.

Commenting on the purchase, Andrew Kelly of Southport Printing Company, said, “PressProfiler is a product that represents great value. To do the same with the press manufacturers own branded package would cost five times as much. The team at Prepress UK do a fantastic job at a great price!

“We were particularly impressed by the remote installation and calibration service. Faster and just as effective, but significantly more affordable, than sending an engineer to do the job. The profiles and ink sweeps are extremely accurate, saving both time and money.”

Commenting on the installation, Prepress UK’s Sales Director Nic Chapman said: “It is a pleasure to supply a UK developed product to a printer in Australia. We were delighted to get the initial lead for this sale from our advertising campaign for our dedicated website.”

“We are looking forward to having discussions with other Australian printers seeking effective software solutions. Australian printers certainly understand print and can appreciate products that make financial sense as well as making their life easier and their production more effective. We would like to think of this as the first of many installations.”

Southport Printing Co. now joins existing PressProfiler customers in UK, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Israel, and Ireland.

How it Works: PressProfiler

PressProfiler examines digital files received from any workflow and generates ink key pre-setting data to save set-up time on an offset litho printing press at job change over. Whilst PressProfiler can feed directly into the press console of newer machines, integration with older equipment can be achieved in conjunction with Prepress UK’s unique CardWriter package.

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