Trapping in Navigator Workflow is performed by the Navigator Harlequin RIP using the powerful TrapPro option. TrapPro will apply user defined rules to automatically generate traps between colours that are a "kiss fit" in your jobs to prevent unsightly white gaps appearing in the event of mis-registration during the printing process.

TrapPro not only works with vector-to-vector traps, such as text-to-object, or object-to-object, but also against images so text or objects that overlap an image will also be trapped.

Powerful features allow you to define trapping rules to minimise the visual effect of the traps, for example allowing a larger trap to be used against black as it will cover up all visible effects, the use of asymmetrical traps where a wider trap is applied in one axis (the one most prone to mis-registration) than the other, or subtle effects to reduce the visibility of the trap such as trap colour reduction or feathering to blend away the merged colours to make a less striking line.

TrapPro Configuration


Trapping without small object protection

Trapping in TrapPro with small object protection


Trap detail showing mitred end joins and Navigator Viewer's Trap Black feature to see through black ink to look at traps underneath.


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