Whatever your proofing needs: Content, Soft, Imposition, Quality Colour or ROOM:- Navigator Workflows have got you covered! Available as options at all levels of Navigator Workflow, or as standard with Navigator Elite you can use a proofing method that suits each task perfectly.

Support for a huge range of printers and proofers from the laser printer in the sales office to your wide format Epson, Canon or HP inkjet in the studio, allows you to output the correct type of proof right where you need it.


Navigator's Universal Output Plug-in connects your workflow to virtually any Windows-based printer on your network allowing the use of existing printers for content and layout proofs, perfect for proof reading or a sales department visualisation of the job, but one that's been through your workflow and RIP to correct problems and show an accurate representation of the jobs content.


For prepress and the pressroom you'll want something more accurate, be that a full size imposition proof to check for pagination or a colour accurate sheet proof either for sign off by the customer or to provide with the plates as a match target on press. That's where Navigator's vDots and ProofReady plugins come in to play combined with the powerful Harlequin ColorPro ICC based colour management system giving you accurate colours every time you print to your Epson or Canon professional inkjet printer. Prepress UK will calibrate your actual printer, inks and paper to produce a precise calibration and ICC profile "golden state" allowing you to emulate industry standard colour on your proofs.

For those looking for 100% data integrity with reasonable colour match there's the ROOM proofing option - RIP Once Output Many - meaning that the actual high resolution separated and screened digital plate data is used to make the proof eliminating any possible difference in content between proof and plate. It's the modern equivalent of the analogue proofs we used to made from film, the same separation images that are going on press being recombined and coloured to make a proof. While these days we at Prepress UK think most customers are used to seeing a RIP proof to an inkjet and using the same RIP and workflow to drive both CTP and Proofer should all but eliminate any possible difference in interpretation, Navigator Workflow gives you the choice, RIP proof or ROOM proof, whichever suits your needs.

In addition Navigator Workflows can optional output RIPed page previews to PDF Softproofs suitable for emailing or showing online for customer approval on content and layout.

Supported Proofers


  • imageProGraf iPF 5100
  • imageProGraf iPF 6100
  • imageProGraf iPF 6200
  • imageProGraf iPF 8100
  • imageProGraf iPF 8110
  • imageProGraf iPF 9100
  • imageProGraf iPF 9110
  • imageProGraf iPF 6300
  • imageProGraf iPF 6350
  • imageProGraf iPF 8300
  • imageProGraf iPF 8310
  • imageProGraf iPF 8000s
  • imageProGraf iPF 8010s
  • imageProGraf iPF 9000s
  • imageProGraf iPF 9010s


  • Stylus Pro 4000 (Ultrachrome only)
  • Stylus Pro 7600 (Ultrachrome only)
  • Stylus Pro 9600 (Ultrachrome only)
  • Stylus Pro 10000 (Ultrachrome only)
  • Stylus Pro 10600 (Ultrachrome only)
  • Stylus Photo 2100 (Ultrachrome only)
  • Stylus Photo 2200 (Ultrachrome only)
  • Stylus Pro 2400
  • Stylus Pro 4800
  • Stylus Pro 7800
  • Stylus Pro 9800
  • Stylus Pro 4880
  • Stylus Pro 7880
  • Stylus Pro 9880
  • Stylus Pro 7890
  • Stylus Pro 9890
  • Stylus Pro 4900
  • Stylus Pro 7900
  • Stylus Pro 9900
  • StylusPro 3800
  • Stylus Pro 11880


  • 9600, 9650, ES9410 (LED printers)

Windows Printers

  • Most printers with a Windows-based driver (not for large format inkjet)




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