It's no secret that printers who take in artwork from external sources encounter some horrible files! Even 'professional' designers supplying supposedly "print-ready" PDF files make mistakes, let alone the casual or home user who's putting together their print literature in Publisher, Word or even Power Point and sending you PDF files that are practically unprintable! That's where Preflighting comes to the rescue.

Navigator Workflow Preflighting automatically generates a report to tell you exactly what's wrong with the file as soon as you submit it to the workflow, and even better it'll fix many of the common problems in files for you on the fly! Based on the industry renowned Enfocus Pitstop library Navigator Preflight can save you hours, provide a record of the errors submitted by customers and enable you to get problem jobs on press faster and cheaper.

Things like missing fonts, incorrect PDF versions, RGB colour, unexpected spot colours, low res images, missing bleed, incorrect page sizes and more are flagged up instantly and in many cases automatically corrected.

For fixes that need you to take a decision simply use the dedicated Navigator Workflow client to configure a special workflow to run a specific fix or "Action List" to correct a problem and drop appropriate files into that workflow when you need to apply that fix.

In today's PDF world where everyone with a computer thinks they're a designer, Preflighting is a must.




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