Prepress Consultancy

Let Prepress UK review your systems and resolve your biggest head-aches.

Consultancy from Pre Press UK brings you 40 man-years of industry knowledge and experience at the highest level enabling us to assess and resolve your prepress problems quickly and affordably.

Whether you're looking for a complete new workflow solution from a single vendor or to replace or add key components to your existing systems, we can help. We will evaluate your complete print workflow, identify areas of vulnerability to failure, bottle necks or processing errors and propose efficient solutions to provide backup, new systems or training to resolve the problem.

Too many printers are losing money and repeat business through costly errors getting on press that with today's prepress tools simply shouldn't be happening. One solution could be to to recruit more experienced staff, but all too often this approach doesn't provide the expected results and a more cost effective solution can be developed through enhanced processes and systems. We take our years of experience and apply that knowledge in real world problem solving to get you the best return on investment we can.

How much time and money are being wasted for every make ready on your press? Better process control or automated systems can permanently reduce these costs. We've worked with a lot of UK printers to install ink key pre-setting systems to reduce make-ready by as much as 75% and to make colour more consistent across all their press operators.

To find out more or for a free no obligation audit of your prepress workflow, please contact us.

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