StudioRIP XF Now Available

Upgrade your Studio RIP to the latest version StudioRIP XF for new features and improved performance.

StudioRIP XF brings you:


  • Native Mac clients (Mac OS 10.7 and higher)
  • New job storage and job ticket model featuring:
    • Persistent jobs - No more losing current jobs if there's a power cut or server crash.
    • Complete searchable job history - Stores all stages of the job for quick reprocessing and easy changes, search filters help you find any job instantly.
    • Editable job tickets - Re-purpose jobs without resending the original artwork.
  • Image trapping - Trap within an image, for example if you have a scanned logo.
  • Image to object trapping - Vector and text objects placed over an image will trap taking into account the colour of the image surrounding the object.
  • On-screen % dot measurement – Soft dot meter, showing original and calibrated values.
  • Push-in creep compensation - allows you to reduce gutters to compensate for page creep.
  • Latest transparency flattener
  • Improved calibration system - Intended and actual press calibrations, group colours into one curve.
  • Integrated backup/restore - Back up entire system for easy disaster recovery.
  • Improved stability
  • Improved performance – Multi-threaded
  • 64 bit optimised - Use as much memory as you want.

StudioRIP is a full workflow system with unlimited remote Windows and Mac clients allowing you to guide your print jobs through all prepress tasks including screening, trapping, CIP3, proofing, imposition and more. StudioRIP supports a wide range of output devices including hundreds of different CTP, CTF, inkjets and specialist imaging devices.

To upgrade your existing StudioRIP v3, or any other RIP or workflow system to StudioRIP XF, contact Prepress UK today.

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