PressSave Brings Surprising Digital Boost to PWPFS Print & Design

Hoddesdon-based commercial printer PWPFS Print & Design has become the latest printing business to seek the savings offered by PressSave and PressProfiler software products from Prepress UK, independent supplier of pre-press hardware and software based in Cheltenham and Brighton.

PressSave Colour Server is the highly affordable way to automatically optimise all PDF and image files to reduce unnecessary ink coverage, standardise colour, and save as much as 25% in overall ink volume.

PressProfiler examines digital files received from any workflow and generates ink key pre-setting data to save time setting-up an offset litho printing press at job changeover. A single copy of PressProfiler can feed multiple presses. Accurate ink key pre-setting gives a shorter make-ready, uses fewer run-up sheets, and takes less time before correct colour is achieved on the press.

Following installation of the software solutions and an initial period of use, Steve Donoghue, Director of PWPFS Print & Design, said: “We have certainly noticed a distinct improvement in press set-up time since the arrival of PressProfiler. The improved make-ready has allowed us to reach saleable printed sheets quickly, reducing waste as a result. With PressSave we are certainly using less ink, though right at the moment it’s hard to be precise on exactly the size of saving that we will make over time. I will be monitoring ink usage over several months in order to put a financial amount on the savings, but they are certainly there.” 

Litho production at PWPFS is centred on a Heidelberg CD74 press, whilst digital print output utilises a Kodak Nexpress solution.

“One thing that took us by surprise with the installation, however, was that the software has enabled us to present the digital press with files that produce more accurate output,” added Steve Donoghue. “It doesn’t actually affect our costs, as we pay for the press on a cost-per-copy basis, but flat tints have always been a bit of an issue on digital. By running the files through PressSave we are achieving a flatter more even tint on the print.”

Alex Andrews, Digital Print Manager at PWPFS, confirmed the benefits of PressSave in the digital department: “PDF’s from the customer can often comprise of a mix of RGB and CMYK files. Tints of black created in RGB are converted in the RIP as CMY images – no black – often producing a rather dirty black, or yellowy black print, even though they had looked fine on the computer screen at the customers. By passing the files through PressSave we have found that these tints are converted correctly to the required percentage of black. This, of course, delivers a much improved printed product – ideal for the customer, so great for us too.”

Simple to Use

PDF or image files are simply placed in a hotfolder and PressSave takes care of the rest, delivering back a colour optimised file, ready for planning and output.

Get Saving Right Now

Printers are urged to call Prepress UK to discuss how they can start saving almost immediately by optimising files for predictable colour and ink savings every time they print: call 08450 520 701.

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