Joined Up Workflow and New Press for Truprint Media

Truprint Media, Margate, has announced details of an upgrade to its pre-press department that allows one single software solution to output to proofing, computer-to-plate production, and digital printing. The StudioRIP Workflow product was supplied and configured by Prepress UK, the pre-press specialists based in Cheltenham and Brighton.

The backbone of pre-press production at Truprint Media is an Agfa Palladio computer-to-plate system that had previously been running with an ageing Apogee workflow. As is often the case, an Epson proofer was running with its own separate RIP as were the company’s two digital printing presses, both Konica Biz Hub products – one monochrome and one colour.

Signs of ageing were beginning to have an effect on pre-press production. The company sought the thoughts of various suppliers with regard to a possible upgrade to the workflow. It seemed that most were more enthused about changing the CtP, which was actually working just fine. A long standing and trusted supplier to the company, Paperlinx, suggested that the team from Prepress UK go in and have a look at the situation to see if they could suggest a more affordable solution.

Anthony Underwood, Director of Truprint Media, takes up the story: “We are delighted to have been introduced to the team at Prepress UK. They came in, appreciated our problems immediately, and were able to recommend a simple and straightforward solution based around StudioRIP Workflow. We now have full data integrity from proof to plate and from proof to digital print.”

Prepress UK Director Nic Chapman adds more background: “The Palladio had only produced 55,000 plates, which is not a huge amount for this quality of equipment – it was working just fine. We suggested a StudioRIP Workflow solution along with inp02 imposition software. This allowed us to configure a system that could send colour managed files straight to the Epson proofing device; this helped to ensure data integrity – which was already an improvement on the previous solution; and we were able send imposed PDF’s to the Konica digital engines as well.”

Commenting on the system in action, Anthony said: “Handling files for production is now a fast and accurate operation, no matter how the files were originated. In addition, the fast, simple imposition system speeds up the processing of files, automatically working out pagination and delivering pages for printing.”

One final enhancement to the Palladio will come in the form of a laser upgrade. “This will allow us to move to “chemistry free” plates,” said Anthony. “Add together the savings that we will make on the new breed of plates, the cost of buying chemistry, and the cost of having used chemistry removed, and it will virtually pay for the upgrade. The change will also mean enhanced environmental credentials for us as a business – customers are always keen to hear about green enhancements.”

Additional Printing Capability

In the same round of investment Truprint Media has upgraded its printing machinery, adding a pre-owned Komori 528 five-colour litho press. “With the new press we were able to recommend and install our PressProfiler package,” said Prepress UK’s Nic Chapman. “This provides automatic ink key pre-setting. It takes pre-press data from the system that we installed and feeds it into the printing press, setting up the ink ducts on the machine, enabling faster and more efficient make-ready. The whole package – pre-press workflow solution and the ink key setting package – was all installed and configured for less than £16,000.”

PressProfiler examines digital files received from any workflow and generates ink key pre-setting data to save set-up time on an offset litho printing press at job changeover. A single copy of PressProfiler can feed multiple presses. Whilst the pre-press data can be fed directly into the press console of newer machines, integration with older equipment can involve the profiling software working in conjunction with Prepress UK’s unique CardWriter package.

“PressProfiler on the new press has given us immediate improvements from day one,” commented Anthony Underwood. “The new Komori has replaced an older Komori four-colour machine. Make-readies on that machine used to take close to an hour, but the combination of the 528 with PressProfiler has already reduced our preparation times dramatically to almost a quarter of that. With run lengths continuing to fall, such savings on make-readies are essential. This enhancement will pay for itself in no time at all.

“This set of investments really is going to make a huge difference to the way Truprint Media does business: the products and the know-how from Prepress UK have enabled us to take a huge step forward as a business, and all in a very cost-effective way.”

About Truprint Media

The business was established back in 1982 as Truprint Litho. Recently rebranded as Truprint Media, this highly experienced team of printers and graphic designers provides a total design to delivery print service for customers in Kent and beyond. The business has a great reputation and is well known for its friendly service; swift, creative ideas; speedy quotations incorporating affordable pricing; quality printing; and fast delivery.

Work focus incorporates the typical range of commercial printing, including full colour stationery, leaflets, brochures, newsletters, point-of-sale print, calendars, directories, folders and so much more. The company prints via conventional offset litho for medium to long runs and digitally for short runs, and offers an extensive range of specialist finishing, utilising state-of-the-art file to print technology, dedicated FTP uploading, and both on-line and hard copy proofing. The company is run by a team of three directors: Joint Managing Directors John Jordon, Ken Underwood and son Anthony Underwood. The company employs a total of 24 employees across pre-press, printing, and post-press.

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