PressProfiler Halves Make-Ready Times for Jem Packaging

Jem Packaging, the printed packaging specialist based in Dereham, Norfolk, has become the latest print business to install a PressProfiler server package from Prepress UK, the pre-press specialists based in Cheltenham and Brighton.

PressProfiler examines digital files received from any workflow and generates ink key pre-setting data to save time set-up an offset litho printing press at job changeover. A single copy of PressProfiler can feed multiple presses. At Jem Packaging the profiling software works in conjunction with Prepress UK's unique CardWriter package. This allows press minders to check preview images of the job they will be running without leaving the press, before loading the pre-setting data into the printing machine. Accurate ink key pre-setting gives a shorter make-ready, uses fewer run-up sheets, and takes less time before correct colour is achieved on the press.

PressProfiler is already enabling the East Anglian-based packaging provider to almost half the make-ready times on its Heidelberg Speedmaster 72 press.

Commenting further on the purchase of the product for Jem Packaging, Peter Horne, Print Manager, said: “We had been discussing ways to help speed up our make-readies for some time, so when Prepress UK approached us with PressProfiler we were keen to hear more about what was possible.”

Bill Page, Director of Jem, added: “They talked us through the theory of what was possible with PressProfiler, and whilst we were keen to see it in action, demonstrations don’t always reflect reality – there is nothing like seeing it on your own press and with your own real live jobs. To our surprise, the supplier agreed with this, and gave us the software and hardware needed for a ten day trial period, so confidant were that we would see the benefits straight away.”

Peter Horne continues: “We did! Dramatic savings on make-ready were accompanied by a much more straightforward approach to good colour on the press. The standard ink profile that the system provides us with gives us a straightforward, known starting point. Even if we do have to make adjustments for a particular job – perhaps to achieve a special corporate colour – we know how to tweak things without getting too far away from the standard. We are now swiftly into good colour on every job, allowing us to make savings on materials as well as time.”

Peter is especially enthused when customers come to visit: “It is particularly impressive when clients come to pass their work on press: these people are used to seeing printers in action and are genuinely impressed when we show them a colour-correct sheet within just a few minutes of start-up.”

Jem Packaging produces food packaging work for a number of high-profile food producers as well as packs for a major tool supplier. “There is a lot of repeat work,” adds Peter Horne. “PressProfiler ensures that we can hit exactly the same colour every time a carton order comes in to be produced, meaning that the customer can be confident in the print quality of the packs that he receives – an increasingly critical issue for food pack specifiers.”

Run-lengths at Jem Packaging are typically around 2,000 to 3,000 sheets mark, though each sheet sees a pack repeated several times across the B2-size. Longer run work at the company could stretch to 50,000 sheets. Jem Packaging handles work from pre-press right through to a wide range of finishing operations and warehousing when required by a customer.

As a final summary of PressProfiler, Peter Horne confirms: “This has definitely made a big difference to the way that we work. Fifty percent of time saved on make-readies is a significant amount for us – that can be equal to 20 minutes per run, and with relatively short print runs in terms of numbers of sheets, that adds up to a lot of time being clawed back during the course of a working day.”

Commenting on behalf of Prepress UK, Sales Director Nic Chapman said: “Jem Packaging is precisely the sort of business that our PressProfiler product was created for. The hardware and software combination that we offer comes at a significantly lower price than the press manufacturers own package, and the business can see a real productivity benefit from day one. We have no hesitation in placing this product into a prospects’ business on trial . . . when they see it working on their press, with their own work, they can see the savings straight away. You can almost see the pound signs start to spin in their eye’s!”

The team at Jem Packaging were also very complimentary regarding the installation and on-going support from Prepress UK. “We have needed one or two tweaks to profiles for particular jobs,” said Peter Horne. “Prepress have been very responsive and have provided us with the revised profiles very quickly and efficiently.”

About Jem Packaging

Jem Packaging manufactures printed packaging, specialising in the production of high-quality folding cartons. Customers include hosiery manufacturers, retailers, DIY stores, garden centres, and many other suppliers to UK High Street stores.

The company offer a range of printed packaging products in addition to cartons, including blister cards, fluted display boxes, and header cards. The business offers a comprehensive range of in-house finishing capabilities.

How Much Profit Are You Missing Out On?

Printers can evaluate for themselves the possible savings to be made via the PressProfiler Profit Calculator at

“This is a very simple way of looking at things,” confirms Nic Chapman, “but it helps to illustrate the possible savings that a print business can make from this small investment. Just plug in your cost-per-hour, make-readies per day, working days per year, and a few bits of paper information, and press the calculate button. You will instantly see the potential profit that you are currently missing out on. Every printer should visit this page – even if they decide to do nothing about the amount of money that they are simply throwing away!”

About Prepress UK

Prepress UK is an independent supplier of pre-press hardware and software. The company is able to provide significant experience and a professional and reliable approach to pre-press problems. With offices in Brighton and Cheltenham, the company provides specialised software solutions backed by an unparalleled personal service from initial enquiry through post sales support.

If you have a pre-press problem, let us solve it for you. Services include: Prepress UK supplies cost effective device independent prepress workflows; PDF and PostScript RIPs and RIP upgrades; CIP3 pre-press and press integration systems; technical support for existing systems; and colour management and ICC profile creation services.

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