SEM Makes the Work Flow with StudioRIP Workflow Package

SEM, Spondon, Derby, the envelope printing and manufacturing specialist, has announced the installation of a StudioRIP Workflow package for its pre-press department. The software solution has been provided, installed, and is maintained by Prepress UK, Cheltenham and Brighton. It replaces a Kodak Prinergy product and three separate RIPs.

Prior to this purchase SEM had been experiencing serious problems with data integrity; getting files through their system; and correct and consistent colour for proofing.

Commenting on the StudioRIP Workflow product provided by Prepress UK, Richard Evans, Repro Manager at SEM, said: “This one product has smoothed out a great many creases in our pre-press production. It has reduced our throughput times significantly as well as making the whole process much more accurate and effective. The team from Prepress UK has made the whole operation so much simpler and easier to understand, and our system now significantly more effective at handling the basics.”

Nic Chapman, Director of Prepress UK, details the situation prior to installation: “In our initial site survey we found that the company was driving four output devices – one computer-to-plate device, one computer-to-film system, and two proofers – controlled by three different RIPs. Driving all of this was an aging Kodak Prinergy workflow.

“Kodak had suggested to SEM an upgrade to the Prinergy product to take it to the latest version. We pointed out that that would not solve their data integrity issues as they would still be driving the different output devices with different and out of date RIPs. There was also the significant cost of the Kodak package to consider!”

Prepress UK advised the company to install the StudioRIP workflow: a straightforward one-box solution designed to run a wide range of output units. This has provided the ability to drive all four engines from one single RIP, which immediately corrects data integrity issues, and allows efficient and accurate colour management throughout the workflow with the very substantial colour management tools within StudioRIP and the colour expertise provided by Prepress UK.

Flexo Pre-Press As Well!

In addition to solving regular workflow and output issues the StudioRIP has flexo screening, including dispro scaling built in as standard. This is an important addition for SEM as they also produce flexographic printing and need both of these functions within the pre-press department. “This has helped us to eliminate an additional stage in the process as we had to manually adjust files for dispro prior to RIPping,” said Richard Evans.

Following the installation of StudioRIP, proofs produced were certified as accurate emulations of the ISO12647-2 (Fogra39) colour standard. The system was also able to produce plates that are calibrated to produce ISO 12647-2 dot gain on press, making it easy to match proof-to-press output to an industry standard.

“This has not yet been in great demand from all of our clients as yet, but we now know that we ahead of the game, and can use our understanding of ISO12647-2 to help us win new business,” added Richard Evans.

Perhaps a critical benefit of the installation in these cash-strapped times was that the Prepress UK solution came in at a fraction of the cost that Kodak were proposing for an upgrade to its Prinergy system. StudioRIP, including a new PC Server platform, installation, start-up training, and the Prepress UK colour management service came in at just under £9,000.00.

About Prepress UK

Prepress UK is an independent supplier of pre-press hardware and software. The company is able to provide significant experience and a professional and reliable approach to pre-press problems. With offices in Brighton and Cheltenham, the company provides specialised software solutions backed by an unparalleled personal service from initial enquiry through post sales support.

If you have a pre-press problem, let us solve it for you. Services include: Prepress UK supplies cost effective device independent prepress workflows; PDF and PostScript RIPs and RIP upgrades; CIP3 pre-press and press integration systems; technical support for existing systems; and colour management and ICC profile creation services.

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