StudioRIP Workflow Install at Guildhall Press

Here at Prepress UK we've just completed installation of another full feature StudioRIP Workflow Edition, this time for Guildhall Press (Northampton) Ltd.

Guildhall needed to update their ageing workflow as their existing system was struggling with modern PDF files, particularly transparency, and didn't provide any imposition or integrated proofing.

StudioRIP was configured to drive the Screen PT-R and Epson proofer with clients on both studio Macs allowing seamless imposition, hard and soft proofing, interpretation, screening and plate output from the studio along with a third client being run by the production manager on his laptop so he can monitor work progress and easily re-output plates without needing to interrupt work in the studio.

After installation Guildhall's proofs are now certified as accurate emulations of ISO 12647-2 (Fogra39) as well as producing plates which are calibrated to produce ISO 12647-2 dot gain on press making it easy to match proof to press output to an industry standard.

The fast, simple imposition system had really sped up processing of files, automatically working out pagination and performing blisteringly fast step and repeats. Guildhall Press opted to combine StudioRIP Workflow with two copies of PitStop Professional preflighting and file correction plugins, as like so many printers today they are receiving less than perfect PDF files from customers for output. Now with a few clicks they can automatically correct common file problems, remapping colours, converting RGB, fixing font issues, adding missing trimboxes and correcting page sizes as well as getting detailed reports on files as soon as they receive them, another huge time saver.

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