Dynastrip, StudioRIP and PressProfiler

Here at PrepressUK.com we've just ended another busy week this time installing a new StudioRIP Workflow at a commercial printer in Brighton. To meet the customer's needs we paired StudioRIP with the powerful Dynastrip imposition package from Dynagram, replacing a system centred around an old version Harlequin RIP. The system is also integrated with our powerful money saving CIP3 ink key presetting solution, PressProfiler.

StudioRIP is producing colour accurate contone proofs as well as content accurate ROOM proofs from the same system on the customer's Epson inkjet, while also driving a new Screen PTR 4300 autoloading CTP system. PressProfiler is configured to collect prepress data automatically when plates are released from the studio so it can provide the customer's two Heidelberg Speedmaster presses with preset data to speed up make-ready and reduce wastage in the press room.

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