Quorum invests in new workflow

Quorum invests in Prepress-UK workflow By Tom Allsop,Printweek,Thursday, 25 October 2012

The system took one week to install and comprises an Enfocus Pitstop server, Dynagram Inp02 Pro imposition software, Highwater Cascade Harlequin RIP with Trap Pro trapping software, Nustreams Nuflow web-based collaboration software and Press Profiler ink duct automation.

Quorum Production manager Andrew Page said the company chose Prepress-UK because of the flexibility it offered.

"We looked at all the major ones like Agfa and Kodak, but Prepress-UK was cheaper and, because it combines different systems, they were able to tailor it to exactly what we needed," said Page.

"We also do a lot of different types of jobs, so having a variety of equipment suits our line of work," he said.   

The 16 staff, £1m turnover company, which specialises in magazine and book printing, previously used a PSM RIP and an internal network to send jobs between departments. Now the entire process is managed by the workflow.    

A member of Quorum’s staff has recently retired and Page said the company is waiting to decide whether the workflow will allow it to work with one less member of staff instead of replacing him. 

He said the new workflow saved time by allowing clients to view proofs online and make changes in real time. "One magazine editor used to travel miles and sit with us for four or five hours every month. Now he can do it all from his office," he said. 

"The new Press Profiler saves time on make-readies by automatically generating ink duct settings in the native format of the printing press. This also saves on the materials that are used in setting ink ducts manually," he added.

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