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EasyTrax Auto Scanning Colour Control

PressProfiler and EasyTrax - Complementing each other  perfectly.

PressProfiler already brings you faster make-ready by providing digital preset data direct from prepress to press, now take it to the next level making further big savings by eliminating manual colourbar measurement with EasyTrax!

EasyTrax is a system that quickly shows the press operator how far from tolerance the density of ink is so adjustments can be made as soon as possible to get to running colour fast, and keep you there during the whole of the print run.

EasyTrax  unique laser-guided XY measurement system allows for one touch measurement of all colours on the sheet in a single operation. The on-screen display then clearly shows deviation from your target ink weights for each duct on each printing unit so you instantly know what changes to make on-press. No more time consuming manual measurement of patch after patch on your colour bar! The EasyTrax software provides a central location to store all information, making it easy to access reports and track press performance over time.

EasyTrax  by X-Rite, a semi-automated colour scanning system for producing accurate 2, 4, 6 or more colour jobs. Available in multiple press sizes from 20” to 40” EasyTrax is the perfect solution for press-side colour control for smaller format colour presses or for primarily process colour environments.

Versatile Measurements

Allows for measurements anywhere on the sheet.

Density from One Measurement

Save time taking only one measurement but still receive all the necessary information for preflight and pressroom adjustments. Quickly see all printing attributes to make the appropriate pressroom adjustments.

Scanning measurement of Ink Density

EasyTrax quickly shows the press operator how far from the tolerance the density of ink is, so adjustments can be made quickly, getting to the right colour faster, while saving time, and reducing waste.

Error Detection

EasyTrax signals the user if the colour bar is out of alignment, ensuring you don’t end up with false readings.

Precise Colourbar Alignment

EasyTrax allows for alignment of the colourbar with laser precision and skew adjustment. You can quickly see if the colourbar is aligned, speeding make-ready time and increasing measurement accuracy.

Density System Description

Standard system supports up to 6 print units and includes ISO Compliant Measurement Board, densitometric scanning head assembly, single license of EasyTrax software,  minimum patch size 3.8 mm in width x 4 mm in height.

Upgrade to full ISO

Upgrades are available to full spectro head and software allowing the implementation and monitoring of print conditions to match print process standards such as ISO-12647-2.

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