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ColourLinx Colour Matching

ColourLinx, the answer to matching colour across different print processes.

ColourLinx is able to standardise colour across all output devices, including digital, wide format, and litho. These technologies are increasingly having to be used in a mixed print environment: posters with flyers; litho covers combined with digital text pages.  ColourLinx is the affordable solution for creating consistency within these mixed process products.

The package brings colour continuity making all of a users output devices print to the same standard, within the tolerances of the different machines. Output devices are then able to print to the same colour standard that has been chosen within an organisation, meaning that if a print company is mixing wide format with digital and litho, all output will match.

ColourLinx has allowed us to get a firm handle on colour output across all devices. When we are producing work for customers, production can span several or even all of these devices: it has been a challenge to confidently match colour across all of the various processes, but now ColourLinx has solved that issue for us.

- Ian Harcourt, Managing Director of Harcourt Colour Printers.


The solution consists of three main parts:

  • ColourLinx Measure
    • Check the colour performance of your digital and offset printing devices, get reports on your compliance on-press with ISO standards and all the data you need to adjust your dot gain and ink weights to meet the standard.
  • ColourLinx Profiler
    • Print and measure a simple A3 chart on any device to create an ICC profile so that ColourLinx knows how the device prints and how to adjust colour to match your target.
  • ColourLinx Server
    • Powerful PDF colour server, simply drop your artwork PDFs into the appropriate hot-folder for your target output device and media and get back a colour-corrected file to match your chosen standard in seconds.

One of the benefits of ColourLinx software in respect of on-going costs is that ColourLinx gives you the tools to create your own profiles, meaning that you can become completely self-sufficient without the need to pay for a consultant to come back when they need to create additional profiles for new printers or media.

Not only can the system provide consistent colour across all your print processes, but it can also be combined with our PressSave profiles for ink savings on every job of between 10 and 40%! Ink saving gives four benefits in one: reduced ink costs, shorter drying times, drastically reduced potential for set-off, and easier to control colour.

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