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Colour Management

Prepress UK can help you get a handle on colour management.

We provide world-class products and services to provide consistent, industry standard colour in preparation of your artwork, soft-proofing, hard-proofing and on press.

Our powerful colour management products include the popular PressProfiler ink key presetting system, PressSave ink saving software and ColourLinx colour continuity server.

ColourLinx Colour Matching

ColourLinx, the answer to matching colour across different print processes.

ColourLinx is able to standardise colour across all output devices, including digital, wide format, and litho. These technologies are increasingly having to be used in a mixed print environment: posters with flyers; litho covers combined with digital text pages.  ColourLinx is the affordable solution for creating consistency within these mixed process products.

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PressProfiler CIP3

Press Profiler is a powerful and easy to use ink coverage and ink zone calculation solution for offset printing presses providing ink key presetting for a faster make-ready and reduced consumables cost.

Press Profiler outputs not only CIP3 (PPF) data but also directly to a wide range of press consoles in their native format.

Integrating with any workflow or RIP it works with incoming PDF, PS, TIFF or PPF (CIP3) files.

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PressCheck: Monitoring Colour Standards

PressCheck is Prepress UK’s powerful family of tools for monitoring and managing colour for all output devices ensuring the production of consistent colour to an international standard such as ISO 12647-2, FOGRA, or a company’s own specific in-house standards.

PressCheck Standard

PressCheck Standard gathers and validates press run data against a chosen standard providing reports and detailed information on compliance of solid ink colour and TVI (Dot Gain). Any quality conscious printer should be monitoring how they match to their chosen print standards. PressCheck analyses and reports on the compliance of any given press sheet to the chosen standard. The PDF report produced is invaluable for communicating with the end customer and will help to set you apart from other printers, creating and maintaining confidence as well as gaining loyalty.

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PressSave Colour Server

Part of the ColourLinx family of PDF colour management tools from Prepress UK, PressSave Colour Server is the affordable way to automatically optimise all your PDF and image files to reduce unnecessary ink, standardise your colour and save you between 10 and 40% ink volume.  It reduces ink costs, shortens drying times, reduces set-off and makes your colour easier to control.

  • Reduce ink cost
  • Reduce cockling (allowing use of lighter, cheaper stock)
  • Reduce drying time (for faster backing up and finishing)
  • Reduce set off (avoiding wastage and lost time)

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Press Calibration

Make it easier for all your minders to match the proof. It doesn't matter how good your proof accuracy or how skilled your minder is, if you aren't getting the right colour of solid ink weights and the right amount of dot gain on press it's all but impossible to match the proof.

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Colour Consultancy

We can colour manage your entire workflow.

Whether you need to ICC profile your colour proofers allowing you to match industry standard colour, calibrate your press to adjust dot gain for accurate colour reproduction, configure your applications and workstations to output consistent files to avoid any unexpected colour shifts, or perhaps even profile an unusual printing process to allow you to provide colour accurate proofs emulating your actual printed colours and stock, we can help.

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EasyTrax Auto Scanning Colour Control

PressProfiler and EasyTrax - Complementing each other  perfectly.

PressProfiler already brings you faster make-ready by providing digital preset data direct from prepress to press, now take it to the next level making further big savings by eliminating manual colourbar measurement with EasyTrax!

EasyTrax is a system that quickly shows the press operator how far from tolerance the density of ink is so adjustments can be made as soon as possible to get to running colour fast, and keep you there during the whole of the print run.

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